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Custom clearance procedure for SOLAR POWER BATTERY

Vietnam is a country geographically located near the equator, located in the tropical climate belt of the Northern Hemisphere, so Vietnam should have high annual average heat radiation, so the solar panel market quickly developed these years, attracting many domestic and foreign investors to participate. As of December 2019, according to the report of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, there are 87 projects being operated with maximum capacity, in addition, more than 260 solar projects are waiting for approval.

In the future, Vietnam can create a renewable energy revolution, and this amount of electricity will be a problem solving Vietnam’s pressure transmission.

Solar Panel products, usually imported from countries such as China, Malaysia, … So, this article partly helps businesses answer questions about import procedures as well as solar cell battery import in Vietnam

  1. SOLAR POWER BATTERY/CELLS CUSTOMS CLEARANCED REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: Solar panels are not currently on the list of goods requiring import permits or specialized management. Therefore, importer only need to make customs declaration for as an ordinary goods/ general goods as below:
  • Invoice, packing list, contract, business registration paper (copy)
  • Bill of lading
  • C / O (if any)
    • Step 0: ImportExportVietnam will check all the draft document (invoice, packing list, CO, business registration paper)
    • Step 1:  Once the goods arrive at the port, ImportExportVietnam will fill the custom clearance declaration form to import the goods. (1 – 2 business days).
    • Step 2: Import Business will pay duty and tax (1 business days).
    • Step 3: Finished custom clearance and delivery (1 – 2 business days).

Please note: during custom clearance procedure, maybe there is some steps extra as below:

  • Step a: (if required) custom exam: we will move the goods to the exam field, and wait for the custom officer to check the goods, to make sure the goods is the same with all the documents ( 2 – 3 business days)
  • Step b: (if required) price check: if the price is questioned by the custom officer (significant lower compare to the custom database), we will do the price check, at this step, the import business need to show the proof that they bought it with the correct price in the invoice. (2 – 3 business days)
    • 8506: Battery and battery pack
    • 850610: Of manganese dioxide:
    • 85061010: External volume not exceeding 300 cm3
    • 85061090: Other
    • 85414010: Light-emitting diode
    • 85414021: Photoelectric cells with blocking layer, not assembled
    • 85414022: Photovoltaic cells with a barrier assembled in modules or made into panels
    • 85414029: Other