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International Moving, Relocation, Buying international, Sending Excess baggage

International Moving, Relocation, Working oversea, Personal effects

For anyone moving overseas, shipping household goods and all of your furniture is a lot to think about, even before looking for international moving services. But determining how much you want to move internationally is a vital step.

Household Shipments Include:

  • Full households, condo or apartment
  • Partial ie. offices, secondary contents(military)
  • Furniture
  • Antiques & heirlooms
  • Anything else you have

International Moving Advice

It’s one of the more important questions to ask before an international move and it depends on your budget as well as where you will be living abroad.

For instance, electric outlets for appliances vary by country. If you’re considering shipping furniture overseas, think about the difference in space between your home in the USA and residence in your destination country including points of entry.

Regardless of how much you decide to bring, we offer options for any size move. Your personal effects and items will be handled by our team that has over 38 years of experience packing, loading and shipping household goods overseas.

How Much Does it Cost to Move Overseas?

As with any relocation, international moving costs are based on multiple factors. These include the type of service, volume of your shipment, location and final destination country.

Type of Service

Are you using a shared groupage service or shipping your goods inside your own 20ft or 40ft container? Are you paying for a door to door service or door to port?

Does the service include destination terminal handling fees? These questions can cause headaches during an already stressful time because not all quotes are created equal, even when they say they are!

So you could end up paying hundreds of dollars in hidden fees because you didn’t compare the different international moving quotes you received correctly.

**Our quotations are always all inclusive and include these charges unless stated otherwise.

Volume of Your Move

Don’t know this? Try using our free volume calculator. The cost to move household goods, whether it is 100 cubic feet or 1000, is based on volume.

This makes using a shared service much more cost effective because you only pay for the space you need.

Those moving a 4 bedroom home or a condo and shipping a car will be better suited booking their own 40 foot container. We specialize in both types of international moves!

As mentioned above our rates are all inclusive and door to door, meaning that once we have an exact measurement of your goods, the quote you receive is what you pay and it includes pickup, destination services and final delivery.

Why Choose ImportExportVietnam Over Other International Movers?

Reasons to Move with Us:

  • Door to door international moving rates
  • Worldwide network from door to door service
  • Options to suite your budget
  • Custom advantage when import into Vietnam

Below you’ll find more information about moving household goods overseas and our company. You can also read over our recommended moving checklist.

Moving Your Personal Effects

Common relocations of personal goods include full and partial households, furniture, antiques, heirlooms, office moves and many others.

Depending on the size and volume, there are different ways of shipping: you’ll have a few options including your own 20 foot or 40 foot container, or you can save even more money using our shared moving container service. No matter what types of personal effects you need to relocate, or how large the volume is, our specialists and our network of global moving partners can handle anything.

Paperwork and Documentation

Normally, to import personal effects to Any countries over the world, Custom clearance system require below document:

  • Packing list (the list which you intend to move out of Vietnam)
  • Invoice (estimate the value of your goods).
  • photo of your passport
  • Working license in oversea country/ Permanent residence in oversea country/ studying permit in oversea country, etc
  • The Visa and the entry mark on your passport (if you have entered oversea countries)

Excess Luggage & Baggage shipping

Ship your heavy luggage, sport equipment, meeting materials today and start a lighter and smarter trip now!

We provide door to door services , your shipment will be picked up from your home, hotel, school and office at a scheduled time frame and delivered to your door overseas. However, please note for below information. Be assure that Import-from-Vietnam will assist you in all the process

What we can ship

Most of your personal items (which is not prohibited) we can ship. All your personal clothing, sealed food, candy, Tennis bag, Bicycle, Bikes, and more.

Customs Clearance

All international shipments are subject to custom clearance. The custom authority has the right to open the package and inspect your items. The clearance process can take 24-72 hours. To avoid unnecessary custom delay, please DO NOT ship prohibited items and ONLY use cable ties to lock your bag.

Tax & Duty

Most countries offer free tax and duty, or tax and duty free allowance for those unaccompanied luggage containing “personal clothing and effects” under around 100 USD. However, the final tax and duty will be determined by the custom authority after they check and evaluate the item(s). Customers are responsible for the tax , duty, inspection fees or any other custom charges if applied.

Custom Document

Item List, includes item name, quantity and value, is required for every international shipment.

Copies of your passport and visa, are required if you are traveling and sending personal effects internationally.

Travel Itinerary, is required if you are traveling and sending personal effects internationally. See why we need it for details.

Other document required by local custom. We will communicate with carrier and timely inform you if additional custom document is asked.

International Shipping Tips

Prohibited Items

Aerosol , sprays, perfumes, or other pressurized containers, alcohol, tobacco, perishable food, medication (including vitamins), batteries ( included with personal device)

Items Not Covered by Insurance

Fragile items, jewelry, antiques, collector’s items, electronics Items, camera equipment, precious metal and gems, valuables, art Items, and any cosmetic damage and tear on luggage or any Items specified in our Terms and Conditions


Insert shipping labels inside label pouch with the name and address of the destination, please also mark number on your luggage

Stick the pouch tightly to a luggage tag, and secure the tag to the top handle of your bag.

Place an additional copy of label inside your bag or on your box with clear tape.

See detailed Packing, Locking, Labeling Instructions

Hotel Pick up and Delivery Instruction

Always check with hotel if they are able to accept or ship out package on behalf of you, as well as the preferred pick up or delivery time frame and location.

Please provide detailed hotel information including check-in date, room number, hotel contact person’s name, pick-up and delivery location information in the ‘notes’ section of your booking.

Please timely inform hotel the pick up or delivery information once we send you the shipping document.

Buying from Vietnam and ship to oversea


At ImportExportVietnam, we can help you reduce stress for buying handicraft stuffs such as coconut bowls, paper packing, wooden boxes, model, or agriculture products such as annatto seeds, lotus seeds, Chilli powder,

The process is:

  •  you send us which product and specification detail you want to find supplier and buying, we will find 3 suppliers, and send you the sample of products from 3 suppliers (you will pay the sample cost and postage cost).
  • you choose the one which have best quality to suit you. you process to order and pay the products goods.
  •  We process to order the goods and do the shipping from Vietnam to your destination.

Which items I can not buy:

  • Please check with us in advance before you proceed buying, we will suggest you the best way to send it to your countries.